Using the Dalvik Debug Monitor Service (DDMS) Tool

Android ships with a debugging tool called the Dalvik Debug Monitor Service (DDMS), which provides port-forwarding services, screen capture on the device, thread and heap information on the device, logcat, process, and radio state information, incoming call and SMS spoofing, location data spoofing, and more. This page provides a modest discussion of DDMS features; it is not an exhaustive exploration of all the features and capabilities.


$android sdk\tools\ddms.bat

Debug 相關:
1. File explorer: support adb push/pull files
2. 可列出目前在跑的process
3. Screen capture
4. logcat
5. device state dump
6. radio state dump

1. 撥電話到emulator
2. 發簡訊到emulator
3. 提供GPS位置到emulator


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